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How Circumference Calculator Works?

To calculate the diameter, circumference, and area of a circle, use this free Circumference Calculator.


Step 1: Enter the circle's diameter in the first text field. The radius is half the diameter's value. The
diameter of a circle with a radius of 2cm is 4cm. You can proceed to the following step when you've input
the circle's radius.

Step 2:To get the result, all you have to do is press the "calculate" button.


The following is a list of the three outputs generated by this utility.


Who was the first person to figure out the circumference of the Earth?

Eratosthenes, a Greek mathematician, was the first person to determine the circumference of the Earth in 240
B.C. In a city on the Northern Tropics, objects at noon on the summer solstice do not cast shadows, but they
do in a more northern location. He was able to determine the circumference of the Earth using this
information and the distance between the two points.

How can I calculate the circumference from the diameter?

Follow these procedures to determine a circle's diameter from its circumference:

How can the circumference be used to calculate the circle's area

Follow these procedures to calculate a circle's area from its circumference:

How can I calculate the circumference to get the radius?

You must complete the following in order to calculate the radius of a circle:

What's the best way to gauge a person's circumference?

What is the measurement of a circle's circumference?

To put it another way, a circle's circumference is the distance between the circle's edge points. That is
why a circle's circumference is usually measured in millimeters, centimeters, meters, or feet and yards in
the imperial system.

How big is a 24-inch circle?

Beginners Guide of Circumference

Using this circumference calculator will help you with your geometry homework. This tool may calculate circle
diameter, circumference, and area with this tool. Continue reading to discover:

In the same way that all of our tools work in all directions, the circumference calculator is also a diameter
to circumference calculator and can be used to convert circumference to the radius, radius to circumference,
circumference to the area, diameter to the area, radius to diameter, circumference to circumference,
diameter to the area, diameter to diameter or radius to the radius.

What Is The Size Of A Circle's Circumference?

A circle's circumference is defined as the distance from one side to the other in mathematics. An analogy
would be to conceive of it as "the defining line." This defining line is known as the perimeter in the case
of straight-edged geometries, but the circumference in the case of circles. Similar to the perimeter of
other shapes, such as squares.

The radius (r) and diameter (d) are two additional critical measurements on a circle (d). Every circle has
three essential measurements: a radius, a diameter, and a circumference. Given a radius or diameter and a
factor of pi, you may get its circumference using this formula. When the circle is at its broadest, its
diameter measures this distance. The center of the circle is always the diameter's point of intersection.
This distance has a radius of half of this length. The radius can alternatively be thought of as the
distance from the circle's center to one of its edges.

The Formula For The Circumference Of A Circle

Circle perimeter = 2πR
The circle's radius is R.
To the nearest two decimal places, π is 3.14, which is the mathematical constant.
The circumference-to-diameter ratio of any circle is represented by the mathematical constant pi (π). where C = π D
C is the circle's circumference.
The circumference of a circle is measured in inches, and its diameter is D.
For instance, if the circle's radius is 4 cm, its circumference is 48 cm.
Given radius: 4cm
Circumference = 2πr
= 2 x 3.14 x 4
= 25.12 cm

The length of a circle's outside perimeter is known as its circumference. Straight-line connecting one end
of a circle to another passing through the center is known as a diameter in geometry.

The formula is Circumference = Diameter x Circumference for a circle's circumference. As you can see, the value is equal to 3.14, which is 22/7.

Determining the Earth's outer circumference:

Solving the Earth's diameter is a piece of cake using these numbers! Scientists have determined the diameter
of the Earth to be 12,742 kilometers. What is the Earth's circumference based on this information?

Here, the diameter is d = 12,742km and we all know that C = d = 12,742km. As a result, the Earth's
circumference is easily calculated as C = x 12,742km = 40,030km.

How To Determine The Circumference Of A Circle?

Circle's radius can be determined using this method. Assume it's 14 centimeters.
Add 87.9646 cm to the formula to calculate the circumference: C = 2 * R = 2 * 14 = 87.9646 cm2.
There are many ways to calculate a circle's area: * R2 = 615.752 cm2.
D = 2 * R = 2 * 14 = 28 cm. Finally, you may calculate the diameter by simply multiplying the radius by 2.
With simply the circle's circumference or area, you may find the radius with the help of our circumference

The Circle's Perimeter Solved Examples

Example 1:

Circle with a diameter of 4 cm, what is its circumference?


We can determine the circle's radius since we know its diameter.
Circumference = 2 x 3.14 x 2 = 12.56 cm.

Example 2:

Calculate the circumference of a circle whose center is 50 centimeters.


Circumference = 50 cm
According to the formula,
C = 2πr
This means that 50 = 2πr
50/2 = 2 π r/2
25 = π r
Alternatively, r = 25/
As a result, 25/ cm is the circle's radius.

Example 3:

What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of 3 cm?


Given: Radius = 3 cm.
A circle's circumference is equal to twice its radius, or 2r, in units.
In this case, substituting the radius value into the formula yields the following result:
C = (2)(22/7)(3) cm
C = 18.857 cm
Because of this, the circumference of the circle is 18.857 centimeters.

Example 4:

Calculate the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 10 meters using the symbol.


Given: Diameter = 10m.
Hence, radius = 10/2 = 5 m.
Circle perimeter = 2πr units
C = 2π(5) = 10π m
Thus, the perimeter of a circle with a diameter of 10 cm is 10 m in terms.

Example 5:

A circle with a 5cm radius has the following measurements: its perimeter and area. The value of this equation
is 3 .14.


To calculate: the circle's perimeter and area.
As a result, r = 5 cm and = 3.14
Circumference = 2r units
The area of a circle = πr2 square units
Substituting the values in the circle's formula for its perimeter and area yields
The area of circle = πr2 = 3.14(5)2
A = 3.14(25)
A = 78.5 cm2
The circumference of a circle = 2(3.14)(5)
Circumference = 31.4 cm.
Because of this, the circle's perimeter and area are both 31.4 cm and 78.5 cm2.

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