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How to Use Binary Code Translator?

You can use our binary code translator by following the steps below:


Enter the ASCII text string and select the "Character encoding" type.
Press the "Convert" button. The tool works as a text to binary converter, where the words are accurately
translated to binary code without any mistake.


If you want to translate binary code to plain text/English or ASCII. Use our binary translator for binary


How do you translate binary code?

You can use the online text to binary code translator Tool by calculators4you. This tool automates the process of
converting text to its corresponding binary code.

Why We Use Text Converter to Get Binary Code?

In the computer coding system, binary code is basically used to represent text or instructions for a system to
interpret. You need to interact with the electronic device using the language that it understands, and this is
basically done with Text converter to provide binary code. There are quite a number of reasons you might require
an English text to a binary translator. Binary code has been used for centuries and is commonly used in
computers. When you need to convert text into a string of binary numbers consisting of 0 and 1, you need an
efficient letter to number converter.

How to read binary code?

You can either use the ASCII table or the Binary to Text Converter Tool online by calculators4you to read binary code.

How to Convert Text to Binary?

Text can be converted to binary using the free binary converter tool by Calculators4you.

How to use Text to Binary converter?

Copy and paste the text that you want to convert to binary and hit convert. That is all there is to it. The text
would be converted to binary online.

Beginners Guide of Text to Binary

At Calculators4you, our text to binary converter is your best option to get your English words converted to
binary digits (binary numbers 0 and 1) that can be interpreted via electronic machines. When Translated, the
text becomes a long string of numbers, due to the fact that its own 8-bits code (one byte) represents each
letter. For instance, a single letter A is represented in binary as one byte 01000001.

What is Text to Binary Converter?

All the digital devices in the world run on binary numbers. Whether it is computers, laptops, or even mobile
phones. It doesn’t matter what you see on the surface of these devices, deep down everything is being translated
into a binary numeral system and processed in the form of 0s and 1s.

In digital devices, the conversion from text to binary happens at the backend. If you want to get an idea of how
the conversion works, you can do it manually to see how each character is represented in the computing behind
the scenes.
If you don’t know how to convert text to binary manually, you can use the Text to Binary Translator Tool by
calculators4you to take care of the job.

Our binary translator tool is simple and easy to use. You can enter the text characters that you want to be
translated in this tool and then hit the convert button, the tool will translate everything for you.

Don’t forgot to check out calculators4you Binary to Text Convert and Binary Translator tool for various other
binary conversion tasks. These tools make it easier for you to manipulate binary values and perform various
conversions without the hassle of manual conversion.

Understanding Binary to Text Encoding

Binary-to-text encoding involves converting binary data into plain text. In other words, it is the encoding of
binary data into a set of printable characters. These encodings are essential when the channel does not allow
binary digits to be stored for the transmission of data.

The binary encoding system uses 7 bits to represent the values of the alphabet, numbers, and punctuation
characters digitally. All digital data is encoded in a binary code form where 1 (one) signals a status of on and
0 (zero) indicates an off status. The values 0 (zero) and 1 (one) are typically known as binary numbers or
numerals in the binary system.

The ASCII text-encoding set uses 128 distinctive values (0–127) to represent the alphabetic, numerical, and
punctuation characters in the English language. You can easily translate these characters using a binary code
translator. Apart from these characters, there are also selections of command codes that do not represent the
remaining printable characters.

There is also a difference between the encoded binary value for capital and lowercase letters. For example, the
capital letter “A” is represented by the character 01000001, whereas the lowercase letter “a” is represented by
the character 01100001. Meanwhile, the numeral 2 is 0110010.

How to Convert Text to Binary?

There are 2 ways you can convert text to binary. You can either go with the manual process or use the Text to
Binary code translator tool by calculators4you to perform the conversion.

Here is how you can convert text to binary using manual conversion
Get a string of text characters.
You are going to need an ASCII text table to match the values.
Take each character and look for its value in the table.
Use the ASCII table to get the binary code for all values.
Keep repeating the process until you translate the entire string.

Features of Text to Binary Code Converter and Free Binary Translator

Unlike most text to binary translator tools online, this tool is as free to use as our other binary operation
tools e.g. online binary calculator and binary decoder. It doesn’t require you to pay for any kind of
subscription and there is no minimum use limit. You can use this tool to convert text to binary, whenever you’d
want to for free.

Interactive User Interface

We have tried to make the user interface of this tool as simple as possible. It would be easy to navigate and
would make things a whole lot easier for the users of this binary code converter. All the UI elements look and
feel great.

Fast Processing Speed

The processing speed offered by this tool is off the charts. You’d get instant binary conversion results. We
have tested this tool under different network conditions, and it has delivered excellent performance every time.

Accurate Performance

The binary conversion performance of this binary converter tool would be accurate and error free. You can match
your results manually as a trial run. Use this tool for accurate text to binary conversion.

24/7 Access

This text to binary translator offers free access 24/7. There is no daily or monthly limit for the use of this tool.
Like most of the tools at Calculators4you, this tool is completely free to use.

ASCII character Hexadecimal Binary
NULL 00 00000000
SOH 01 00000001
STX 02 00000010
ETX 03 00000011
EOT 04 00000100
ENQ 05 00000101
ACK 06 00000110
BEL 07 00000111
BS 08 00001000
HT 09 00001001
LV OA 00001010
VT OB 00001011
FF OC 00001100
CR OD 00001101
SO OE 00001110
SI OF 00001111
DLE 20 00010000
DE1 10 00010000
DC1 11 00010010
DC2 12 00010010
DC3 13 00010011
DC4 14 00010100
NAK 15 00010101
SYN 16 00010110
ETB 17 00010111
CAN 18 00011000
EM 19 00011001
SUB 1A 00011010
ESB 1B 00011011
FS 1C 00011100
GS 1D 00011101
RS 1E 00011110
US 1F 00011111
SPACE 20 00100000
! 21 00100001
" 22 00010100
# 23 00100011
$ 24 00100100
& 26 00100110
' 27 00100111
( 28 00101000
) 29 00101001
* 2A 00101010
+ 2B 00101011
, 2C 00101100
- 2D 00101101
. 2E 00101110
/ 2F 00101111
0 30 00110000
1 D 00101101
2 32 00110010
4 33 00110011
5 34 00110100
6 35 00110101
7 36 00110110
8 37 00110111
9 38 00111000
10 29 00111001
: 3A 00111010
; 3B 00111011
= 3D 00111101
< 3C 00101101
> 3E 00111110
? 3F 00111111
@ 40 01000000
A 41 01000000
B 42 01000010
D 44 01000100
E 45 01000101
F 46 01000110
G 47 01000111
H 48 01001000
I 49 01001001
J 4A 01001010
K 4B 01001011
L 4C 01001100
M 4D 01001101
O 50 01001111
Q 51 01010001
R 52 01010010
S 53 01010011
T 54 01010100
U 55 01010101
V 56 01010110
W 57 01010111
X 58 01011000
Y 59 01011001
Z 5A 01011010
[ 5B 01011010
\ 5C 01011100
] 5C 01011101
^ 5E 01011110
_ 5F 01100000
. 60 01100001
a 61 01100011
b 62 01100011
c 63 01100100
c 64 01100101
d 65 01100110
e 66 01100111
f 67 01011111
g 68 01101000
i 69 01101001
j 6A 01101010
k 6B 01101011
l 6C 01101100
m 6D 01101101
n 6E 01101110
l 6F 01101111
o 70 01110000
p 71 01110001
q 72 01110010
r 6B 01011111
s 73 01011111
t 74 01110100
u 75 01110101
v 76 01110110
w 77 01110111
x 78 01111000
y 79 01111001
z 7A 01111010
{ 7B 01111011
} 7C 01111100
| 7B 01111010
} 7D 01111101
~ 7E 01111110
DEL 7F 01111111